Meridius Clinic for Integrative Health creates a caring clinic environment where fellow human beings feel they can restore vitality and optimize healing of pain and other illnesses.


Meridius Clinic for Integrative Health envisions a restorative and healing relationship between provider and patient where care is provided without bias and prejudice, walls or borders.


Interconnectivity, Balance, Compassion, Respect for Persons, Commitment to Integrity and Ethical practice, Commitment to Excellence.

Dr. Park’s Story

As a child, I woke up every morning hearing my father reading and reciting classic textbooks of traditional medicine. Having learned the circumstances that affected my father’s pursuit of practicing medicine, I made the whole-hearted decision to become a doctor to fulfill the inherited calling. Such a personal motivation from my childhood in Korea has grown into a fervent commitment to help heal the people of the world with the medicine of the East and West. I aspire to be a valued clinician, an independent and internationally renowned researcher, and an inspiring teacher in a multidisciplinary setting focused on pain, Asian Medicine and acupuncture. I emphasize the importance of seeing patients as members of my own extended family, which I have found very effective in building a therapeutic partnership.